Dear Parents,

Inspired by the Prime Minister’s recent statements about self-responsibility, my senior team and I have redrafted our school behaviour policy to reflect the kind of climate of self-discipline we are about to see in wider society.

Rather than having a set of rules which have to date been strictly and consistently applied by all of our staff  and understood by students and their parents, we are implementing from 19th July a new code of conduct which will encourage and trust our students to behave as well as they have in the past. By replacing rules with guidance

  • we will encourage our students to pay attention at all times in lessons and to never display behaviour that is disruptive or discourteous or endangers the health and safety of others,
  • we will emphasise the benefits of completing homework and ask students to complete it,
  • we will discourage bullying,
  • we will ask students to place litter in the bins provided,
  • we will suggest that their mobile phones should not be used to access social media etc. during lessons,
  • we will trust them to move around the school in an orderly manner,
  • during breaks and lunchtimes we will no longer need staff to supervise the children as we will trust them to behave sensibly,

Where students do not all adhere to this code we will remind them why it is important in assembly. We would encourage you to provide similar encouragement in the full understanding that the decision to do this is yours.

I am sure that these measures will make our school a happier place and save a great deal of time and effort for our staff. It will also be excellent news for our budget as we will no longer need to allocate substantial expenditure on pastoral staff.

Thank you for being a role model to us in this way.

Yours sincerely,

A. Headteacher


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